P.S. Martinez


It's Me,Peggy Sue.

  Author & Serial Entrepreneur  

I’m a reader first and foremost. A writer because only when I’m writing (or reading) am I able to “quiet” my mind and find a creative outlet. Not even in sleep do I otherwise accomplish that gargantuan task. Weird, huh? I love writing in several genres and am known to write in a genre just to see if I can pull it off.


I am a mom to five wonderful offspring who I feel are my greatest accomplishments.


In just over a year I took a few thousand dollars from a small Kickstarter and turned it into a million-dollar-a-year business. What I'm is most proud of, though, is the wonderful community of readers and fangirls I fostered during that time.  

I love to bake, learn about herbs, watch Asian and Turkish dramas, and I re-read Jane Eyre every year. Some of my other obsessions include: hoarding lip glosses, learning languages, fixating on numbers and number patterns, sampling various loose leaf teas, and collecting different editions of the classics I enjoy reading.





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